My astrological consultations specialize in natal chart interpretation from a psychological perspective. In the birth chart, not only your strengths, talents and your potential for growth and change are visible. The horoscope also shows tensions, blockages and psychological challenges. An astrological consultation helps significantly to get to know yourself better and also leads to more understanding in interactions with others.

Possible topics for a consultation are:

  • natal chart analysis (recommended as initial consultation, as holistic, in-depth recording of your personality)
  • Focus of your personal upcoming year from one birthday to the next (using the solar return chart)
  • Difficult life phases and transformation (age point and transit chart consultation)
  • Biography work
  • Vocational guidance / professional reorientation
  • Children horoscope. Astrology is an extremely useful tool when used to provide parents with knowledge of the different needs, character traits of their children, adding a level of understanding that  helps them to parent effectively
  • Relationship/partnership consulting

For an astrological consultation I need:

  • Date of birth
  • Exact birth time (according to birth certificate)
  • Place of birth