About me

The interest in my fellow human beings ran like a thread through my entire life. From an early age I experienced that I attracted people who entrusted me with their sorrows and worries. Because of my highly sensitive, open and empathic nature, I've had a hard time protecting myself enough and, sometimes, I could not stand it when someone was feeling ill, sad or unhappy. I had enormously high human ideals and dreamed of the healing world. Meanwhile, I myself had to experience the painful experience that crises are growth opportunities and bring us to our true core. The first astrology course I have made out of curiosity and with the purpose of self-help. However, the insights gained made such an impact on me that I furthered my studies which I completed by acquiring a diploma as a consultant in that field.

I have many years of professional experience in human resources in small and mid-size companies. I was also employed by a pharmaceutical company. With my duties there in counseling and social services, I learned how to deal with people in very difficult situations. Furthermore, I am a highly motivated individual, flexible with the willingness to learn. In addition to my astrology training, I am a life consultant certified by Prof. Dr. med. Kurt Tepperwein, a trained coach and have repeatedly completed seminars on various consulting topics. In addition, I am constantly expanding my knowledge by reading textbooks on astrology, psychology, spirituality and health as well as by talking to people.